Scientific Research Innovation
1. Clinical Genomics Testing Center
Accredited by CAP and based on gene sequencing and other leading molecular testing technologies, the Clinical Genomics Testing Center carries out testing on rare genetic disorders, cancer companion diagnostics and other clinical tests that provides comprehensive clinical genomics solutions to customers. This is done in tandem with genetic counseling, report analysis and interpretation.

2. DP-TOF Nucleic Acid Mass Spectrometry System
The DP-TOF Nucleic Acid Mass Spectrometry System is the first approved general-purpose nucleic acid mass spectrometer in China. It is a medium-throughput genetic testing platform with high sensitivity and high precision.

3. Nanopore Single-Molecule DNA Sequencing System
Nanopore Single-Molecule DNA Sequencing technology enables direct real-time analysis of DNA or RNA fragments of any length. It works by monitoring the current changes in the nucleic acid as it passes through the nanopore in real time, decoding the current signal to determine the base sequence.
Proteomics and Metabolomics
CALIBRA Integrated Solutions for Clinical Mass Spectrometry
Encompassing on multiple key applications such as in vitro diagnostics, clinical research and metabonomics, CALIBRA can provide an integrated solution for clinical mass spectrometry covering "product + service + management". This covers the entire industrial chain, from multi-omics to clinical applications.
CALIBRA's Multi-omics Research and Biomarker Conversion Solution
CALIBRA has created an industrial-grade multi-omics research platform, providing a complete solution for biomarker discovery, validation and conversion.
Other Technology Platforms
In addition to these two key technology platforms, we also have the following types of platform